15 Jan 2013

When You Should Be Writing But You're Not

Or a variation of the title: doing everything but write because deep down you have writer's anxiety.

I find that my biggest problem when it comes to writing is that I procrastinate.  I procrastinate a lot, actually.  I open word and stare at my manuscript and smile.  I read and reread parts that I'm unsure of and then I open up chrome and begin to do research.

Researching what, exactly?  Well, everything that is anything about writing.  Because why write when I could be learning the ins and out of the industry?  Why just sit down and write when I could ogle tumblr for visual inspiration?  Why write when I could search for songs to listen to while I write?

While I write?  When do iIwrite?

I really need to stop being so worried about how well I'm writing or whether or not my story is up to par.  I need to stop second guessing myself and just put my fingers to the keyboard.  Because in the time that I've been writing this blog post, I could have been writing.

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